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Do you recycle?

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Do you recycle?
What do you recycle? Paper, glass, plastic, cartons, organic rubbish or other stuff? Where do you put your rubbish? Do you buy cans, bottles, cartons, magazines, etc? How many times a week?

British Council Word of the week: recycle
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  1. mbb

    yes, l do

  2. D.G


  3. A.L.P.

    Yes, i do. I recycle paper and bottle tops. I put plastic in the yellow bin.

  4. J. T. F.

    Yes i do, im recycle.

  5. MFF

    yes i do mi famili recicle evry day botlle top can ect

  6. P.M.C.

    Yes,I love recycling. I recycle botle tops, papers and magazines.

  7. C.V.M

    Yes,I do,I recycle paper,plastic and other cartons.

  8. M. A. C.

    Yes, I do I,m recycle bottle tops, papers and etc.

  9. MFF

    yes I do, mi family recicles evry day botlle tops, cans, ect

  10. M.F.P

    Yes, Ido. I recycle paper and bottle tops. I put
    plastic in the yellow bin.

  11. LRS

    Yes I do. I recycle: carton and newspapers put in a blue colour bin, I recycle: plastic, straws and bottle tops in a yelow colour bin, I recycle: bottles and jar in a green bin.

  12. Y.C.R

    Yes, l do. Recycle Plastic, bottle top and cartons.

  13. PKC

    yes I do.I recycle newspapers , botle tops and paper.

  14. Z.G.O.

    Yes I recycle bottles, cans and boxses I like recycle.

  15. N.s.s

    yes l do Recycle bottle , box and carton.

  16. MG

    Yes,I do

  17. A.S.B.

    Yes, I do. I recycle.

  18. P.M.C.

    Yes, I do and me putityng plastics in the yelow bins

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