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Happy Christmas 2017 Together

Photo by Anthony Cantin on Unsplash

Winter is here, and so are Christmas holidays. We wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2018. We have found out some really nice videos to celebrate Christmas with you.

First of all, the video Teacher Erika showed us in the last session.

#CreateNewTraditions (Globe)

From unexpected friendships to lasting relationships. Because we all love crying, don’t we?

BBC One Christmas 2017 | The Supporting Act

BBC One’s Christmas short film – a story that illustrates the joy of a shared moment.

And because we all love Christmas Carols, here is the one we all liked in Year 6B. Thank you, Mar!

Jingle Bells … ho ho ho

Christmas on ClassPeek

What about some time for improving our English? It can be fun. Some songs to listen or movies to watch, the easiest way of learning.

Christmas is coming

And you can also find out about Christmas around the world.

Christmas around the world

See you January 8th.


  1. Anonymous

    Luis ya se que nos quieres mucho como alumnos pero es que nos da pena (habló por todos) que te vayas espero que por lo menos estas agusto en tu nuevo trabajo ya que dejas este
    Y por favor si tienes tiempo ¿puedes venir a la chocolatada el 9 de febrero a las 17:00?
    O por lo menos pasarte por hay …….???
    Muchas gracias
    De una alumna
    Y por favor no dejes el blog

  2. Anonymous

    Lo siento es que estoy con otra tablet y el autocorrector está loco

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