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Science Week 2017: Food decay and teeth hygiene (Year 4)

Why does food decay? We like to learn by observation. That´s why we enjoyed our Science week. Using our five senses together help us explore the world and perceive our environment.
First we observed fungi and food decay on tomato sauce, peppers and leeks.

Have you ever noticed that if you leave an apple or any other fruit for too long it starts to change and decay? Now we know that this is because some micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, yeast…) feed on the food item.
We can preserve food by cooling it. And in what other ways? What about soda, vinegar, milk, tea, or salted water? Do they preserve an apple?

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We also worked on the Scientific method to investigate about teeth hygiene. Question, hypothesis, experiment, result and conclusions. Here you can see our egg experiment photos.

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  1. Anonymous

    Good Job kids!!! 🙆

  2. Anonymous

    Mock tests are a good way to study

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