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Science Week 2017: Protect Mr. Egghead’s brain (Year 6)

Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

When a cartoon character gets hit on the head, stars appear and float in a silly circle. It may be funny to see in a cartoon, but it’s not so funny when it happens for real. Seeing stars, feeling goofy or dazed for a little while, or being knocked out after getting hit in the head are all symptoms of a type of brain injury called a concussion.

The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) has several functions. One of these functions is to protect the brain from concussions. To demonstrate how this works, we need to bring in “Mr. Egghead”. Mr. Egghead is a raw egg with drawn-on face. The inside of the egg represents the brain and the egg shell represents the pia mater (the inner most layer of the coverings of the brain).

In our Science project we found out and demonstrated the importance of CSF to protect the brain. We investigated using a scientific learning approach: question, hypothesis, method, conclusion.

Do you want to do our experiment? You can download our Protect Mr Egghead’s brain worksheet and follow the instructions. Hope you like it!

Remember: It is very important to wear a helmet when you ride a bike, go skiing, play rugby or practice any other sport.

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