Lugo de Llanera Primary School – Take a peek inside our English classes

Language assistant

Teacher Erika, our language assistant

Who am I?

My name is Erika Vagay. I am an English Language and Culture Assistant from the Philippines. I have been teaching English conversation classes in Asturias for 2 years. I already worked in Colegio San Fernando (Avilés), IES Selgas (Cudillero) and IES Perez de Ayala. And this school year, I have got CP Lugo de Llanera and CP Colloto.

What is my role as an English Language and Culture Assistant?

As a Language Assistant, I am aiming to improve the English communication skills of the students and also, to boost their confidence in learning the language through
motivating and interactive classroom activities under teacher supervision. Apart from that, I am also showing them culture-filled presentations about my beloved country, the Philippines.

How did I get into the Language Assistantship program in Spain?

This Language Assistantship program (or also known as Auxiliares de Conversación program under the Spanish Ministry of Education) has been deploying Filipino Auxiliars to Spain since 2014. As I was working in a private company that year, I was only able to apply for the program in school year 2015-2016 and luckily, I got accepted.

Are you happy being here?

Absolutely! Asturias is such a lovely place to stay in! I couldn’t ask for more.

Any words for your students?

Hello to my awesome students! I know you guys are doing good in class and from the very beginning, you all have been nice to me. Keep it up. Study harder. You are all my inspiration!

Thank you so much, Teacher Erika. We’re so glad you’re here! We’re really lucky.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Erika i like you. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Erika


    Your comment makes me happy as a clam! Thanks a lot 😃


  3. Anonymous

    Hi Erika.I love your classes.You´re wonderful!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Erika i love your classes .I wan’t you to come back.
    WE ALL LOVE YOU !!!!

    • Anonymous


      I love you all back! 😍 See you on Wednesday! Happy weekend!


  5. Anonymous

    Hello clashmates,

    I like learn english, my favorites hobbies are judo, skate and play videogames .

    Thanks teacher!

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