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Christmas around the world

Lots of countries celebrate Christmas. Eating is always important part of the celebrations. Each country has traditional Christmas food.

Turkey with vegetables is the traditional meal in Britain. People have Christmas pudding for dessert. Sometimes the cook puts a coin in the pudding. It’s lucky to find the coin.

In Scandinavia people make special biscuits at Christmas. They make different shapes like stars, angels, leaves and trees. They decorate them and put them on the Christmas tree.

In Ghana, in Africa, there are lots of parties at Christmas. People eat chicken stew and rice on Christmas Day. For dessert they have tropical fruit, like mangos, melons and oranges.

In South America people often eat turkey at Christmas. Originally turkeys came from Central and South America. In Ecuador on Christmas morning they drink hot chocolate and eat doughnuts. Originally chocolate came from South America too.

These are the most important days in Christmas in Spain:

  • The 24th of December: Christmas Eve
  • The 25th of December: Christmas Day
  • The 28th of December: Day of the Innocent Saints
  • The 31st of December: New Year’s Eve
  • The 1st of January: New Years Day
  • The 6th of January: the three Wise Men

And this is a traditional Christmas meal:

  • Appetizer: giant buffet of tapas, boiled shrimp or prawn, Iberian ham, croquettes
  • First course: seafood soup
  • Second course: roasted meat (lamb) or fish
  • Dessert: powdery almond cookies, fig bars, candied fruits and nougat, roscón de Reyes the 6th of January

What about you?

What do you do in Christmas?
What do you eat in Christmas?

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