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Let’s investigate: Sound energy and matter

Sound energy testing

Sound energy and matter

In Year 6 we have been learning about energy. In this unit we did an experiment following the scientific method about the relationship between sound energy and matter.

Aim: Detect sound through different states of matter.

Hypothesis: I think the sound will travel more easily through…

  • a solid,
  • or a liquid,
  • or a gas

You need:

  • a sealable plastic sandwich bag
  • water
  • a piece of cloth
  • a pencil

Method (step 1)

Take the sandwich bag, fill it with air, and zip it closed.
Cover one ear and hold the air-filled bag against your other ear.
Ask a friend to tap the bag with a pencil.
Can you hear the pencil tapping through the air?

Method (step 2)

Now fill the sandwich bag with water.
Zip it closed.
Tap again.
Can you hear the pencil tapping through the water)

Method (step 3)

Now fold the cloth several times so that it fits into the sandwich bag.
Zip it closed.
Tap again.
Can you hear the pencil tapping through the cloth?

Which test produced the clearest sound?
Which produced the least sound?

Which state of matter carried sound the best?
Why do you think this happens?
Was your hypothesis correct?
Dolphins and whales communicate over long distances underwater.
Do you think they could communicate from so far away if they lived on land?

We enjoyed this project. We are really good at doing experiments and getting and collecting data. School projects are cool and we really like hands-on Science lessons!

Do you want to see us in action?

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