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Year 6B: Our cooking recipes

photo credit: Omelette with potatoes at a small bar in Madrid via photopin (license)

In Year 6B we have been learning how to cook delicious recipes. We found out how to make a pizza, a banana milkshake or a cake. We learnt about the ingredients we need, the utensils we have to use and how to make the different steps to get our recipe ready to eat. When we feel confident we prepared our own recipes and we recorded them on video. Do you want to watch some of them?

How to make a sandwich, by Esther

How to make scrambled eggs, by Daniel

How to make a shepherd’s pie, by Pelayo

How to make a Spanish omelette, by Carlos

How to make a salad, by Celia

How to make a pizza, by Fernando

How to make a hamburger, by Lucía

It’s easy as pie, don’t you think so?

And if you want to spend a nice moment watching a nice video about cooking and practicing your English and cooking skills we recommend you this video:

Cookin’ With Kids – Summer Slushy

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    that rich wish I could eat. Ole that rich pancake.

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