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Plants: parts of the plant and flowers

Estamos estudiando las plantas. Hemos hecho esquemas, juegos, experimentos y resúmenes sobre las necesidades, partes y funciones de las plantas ysobre las partes de la flor.

Here you can play games, learn and watch videos about this topic.

  • Games about parts of plants:

Crickweb: parts of a plant

Softschools: parts of a plant

Firstschoolyears: parts of a plant

E-learning: parts of a plant and functions/properties

  • Games about the life cycle and needs of plants:

Sciencekids: how plants grow

Sciencekids: life cycle of a plant

The potato story: growing plants

Brainpop: what plants need

E-learning: plants growth and nutrients

E-learning: plants and temperature

  • Plant resources:

E-learning: plants course

E-learning: where do plants grow ? various resources Seed dispersal plant resources

Woodlands-junior: plants quiz

Woodlands-junior: flowers quiz

  • Parts of the flower: parts of the flower plants unit

Videos and songs about plants:


  1. olaya 4b

    This section is very fun my favorite game is second one and the video are 4 and 5 .

  2. cayetana 4B :) :) :)

    I love the plants
    The plants are very importants for live
    ^.^ ^.^ 🙂

  3. irene

    The plants are very important for pearson and for the life ^.^ im ok whit the plants

  4. marta

    i live in pruvia de arriba hello my name is marta

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