In Year 6 we have been discovering some fascinating facts about the Ancient Romans. We watched a video about Vindolanda, a Roman fort in England. But Romans also lived in Spain and in Asturias.

Did you know?

  • Roman houses didn’t have a bathroom. They went to public baths.
  • A lot of Romans didn’t have kitchens. They bought their food from bars and restaurants.
  • Many Romans ate exotic foods. They loved mice with honey!
  • They drank wine and water. They sometines drank vinegar and water!

Roman clothes

From historical sources we know that men wore short tunics and sandals made of leather. Important men wore long white togas. Emperors sometimes wore purple togas.

Women wore long tunics and beautiful hairstyles. They also loved jewellery.

They didn’t wear trousers.
They didn’t wear sweaters or T-shirts.
They didn’t wear jeans.
They didn’t wear caps.
They didn’t play football.
They didn’t play computer games.
They didn’t watch TV.

Life and clothing was different. Ancient Roman is not for us!

photo credit: Roman priests via photopin (license)

photo credit: Roman priests via photopin (license)

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