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Year 6: The locomotor system

In Unit 2, Year 6 pupils have been finding out about the locomotor system.

The locomotor system is related to the nervous system we studied in Unit 1. First, the sensory neurons collect information from our sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin). Then, the brain interprets the information and send signals to the rest of the body. Finally, motor neurons send messages from the brain to our locomotor system.


Now we know that bones and muscles give our bodies shape and support. They help us to move and they protect our internal organs. There are more than 650 muscles in the human body. They have many different uses.

There are two main groups of muscles:

  • Voluntary muscles are muscles we can control. These are skeletal muscles.
  • Involuntary muscles are muscles we can’t control. These are smooth muscles and cardiac muscle.

We also know that a joint is where two bones meet. They are connected by strong elastic tissue called ligaments. They can be movable or fixed.

Muscles move our bones by contracting and relaxing. They work in pairs. For example, the biceps and triceps work together to move the arm.

We need to look after our bones, muscles and nervous system, specially while we are growing.

We have recorded these videos. Hope you like them.

The skeleton: Paula 6A

The joints: Esther 6B

Voluntary muscles: Yara 6B

Involuntary muscles: Diego 6A

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