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My family

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Have you got a big family? Have you got a small family? How many siblings have you got? How many cousins? What´s your mother´s name? What´s your uncle´s name? What is your dad doing? What is your granny doing?

I´ve got a big family. My father´s washing up. My mother´s reading a newspaper. My brother´s watching T. V. My sisters are dancing. My auntie is playing soccer and I´m writing about my family.

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  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Victor( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I got a big family . My dad is talkin on the phone,my mom is watching tv im playing videogames.

    bye !(づ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)づ

  2. lucia 4c

    i am washing brother is name mother is monsterrat lopez rodrigez

  3. Borja

    Hello my name is Borja . my family is small . My sister is listenig to music , my mather is tyding up , my auntie is drinking te , my uncle is talking on the phone , my granny is washing up my grannpa is drinking milk and me is waching tv

  4. Saul

    etdsa ´msaer fdsa szxxcvv bmshdhfgf gsuytgfhfdvcv xnnngbmjhuiy yytrrew wqadssddgvfggh vbvnm njk. k,lk. iooyi jutters weqweweww ewrsfdfd fcfcv bvggfhvfb bgytuuijooppm ñklk, nvncbz vvdfseww qadsvxv URYTTRE WQ SSDAF FGHYTUHFG JKLFÑÑFPPYI UUYYU UUIYYT TTR EEWWQW <ZXXCCV VBBNNMM, ÑLPPOOOIUUUYYTER WWQE SAASDXFFD FFGGHJ KKK& lt;ZZ CXCCBV NVBBNNMNM MM,.. –´ &l t;ZZXX CCVC BVBN,M,.-

  5. pedro y nacho

    My family is big. 😉 my father is tolking on the phone.
    my mam is drinking.
    my dog is eating

  6. Alberto(づ◕ ͜ʖ◕)づ

    I got a big family ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. Hugo

    Is talking on the phone

  8. Yamila

    my mam is making is biscuis. mY sister is talkin on the phone

  9. yo limpio.mi hermano duerme.esto es lo mismo pero en español.

  10. Victor(づ◕‿◕)づ

    Im bored v: (◉ ͟ʖ◉)

  11. Victor(づ◕‿◕)づ

    the chat is go to explode!!!!

  12. Maria and Tatiana

    My family is a big.M.My mother is washing up.T.My dad is waching TV.M.My sister is tidying up.T.My brother is reading comics.M.T.We eating biscuits.

  13. Hugo

    My dad is wachig up

  14. Julia y pelayo

    My family is big.My mum is washing up. My dad is watching T.V. Im drinking tea.

  15. DIMAS 4C

    My familyis bing mother is wushi up

    broder washi tv

    ancle reding

  16. my mather is washing up and reading my dad is watching TV my estep shister a living run is a waching TV with my pather my is a cokies

  17. marta y monica s

    my family is tv. my broder is tiding up . my sister is lisening to music. my ancle is reading . My father is talkin on de phone .

  18. Nerea and Enivet

    My familis is bigs . Mys Dad is reading comics .Mys mum is wahsing up.My brothors is listenig to music.My granmum and grandad is sliip.My uncles is eating cook.My aunties is talking on the phone ect.

  19. Martin

    Hello name is Martin. My famili is big . My mather is washing up , my padher is talking on the phone , my sister is listening to music , my granny is laying on the soufa , my grannpa is working in the fiels , my cousin is playing football , my cousin is at home

  20. Maria y Angel

    My family is bery big my cousins name Ismael my mum is Ana and Veronica my dad is Angel and Francisco my grandad Faustino , Pedro , Jorge luis and Eluterio my gramam Chelo , Maritel ,Pilar and Conchi and dis is my family

  21. Aitor 4B

    I´ve got big family my dad is tidyng up my mum is playing cumputer games i have 1 brother in the tummy the my mum.

  22. Irene 4B

    My family is bery big. My dad is talking on the phone,my mother is reading ,my brother is waching TV and me are playing computer games.

  23. enma4b

    my sister is lisen in tu miusic y I´m goching tv

  24. Yeray

    my father is a cocke my mader is tiding up my gram mader is play the recorder my gran father is a play the game

  25. Laura 4B

    My family is beri big my brother is talking on the dad is lisen to mum is whasin brother little is eating.

  26. luci and mar 4B

    my family is short. lucys mother is eathing , Mar`s mother is usin washapp, Lucy`s dad is reading, Mar`s dad is waching Minions`s movi on the TV, lucy`s dog ron is drinking, mar`s dog barrufaki is sleepen.

  27. Sergio y Denís 4B

    My family is big. My mum is writing an email.My dad is whathing TV. I´m Playing computer games

  28. vera4b

    my family is big.
    My mother is talking on the phone.
    My father is tyding up.
    My brother is watching TV.
    I´m eating.

  29. Pablo 4B ;)

    I habe a big family .
    Mi dad is sleppe, mi mum is washing up …

  30. Olaya 4B

    i have a small family.My sistre is dancing.My mum is cooking.My dad is waching TV.I´àm playng computer games.

  31. cayetana4b

    my cousin is lisening to music

    🙂 ^^ 🙁

  32. Nacho 4B

    I´have got big family mi fihs suimin my mom taking on the pone my dad waching TV my sisters tyding up

  33. Jose 4B

    in got in family. mai in nefio

  34. Laura and Marta 4B

    My family is very big.My mum is reading.My dad is talking on the phone.My sister is playing frisbee.My brother is playing with the cars. And my brother is wathing TV.I LOVE MY FAMILY.

    🙂 🙁

  35. ekaitz

    may sister its pley te play te computet games

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