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The School Garden

photo credit: Primavera en teleco via photopin (license)

We have a big garden in our school. The school garden is fun and important for the school because it brings us closer to nature. We haven’t got any vegetables but we have many flowers. Flowers are living things so we must protect them. You can see all the amazing flowers beautifully shining in the spring sun.

Near the sports centre there are some trees. They are very tall. They give us oxygen, shade, and the best part of all is leaves for us to play in.

No matter what kind of plant it is…a tree, a flower, a blade of grass, a leaf, or just a bush… They need our help to live and grow.

Have you got a garden? What is your garden like?
Would you like to have a garden? What would it be like?


  1. Yara 6B

    My perfect garden has got many colorful flowers , an enormus bush and beautiful animals . When I´m there I water the flowers and I play with the animals .Many insects visit our garden , for example: butterflies , bees…
    The end.

  2. Paula 6A

    In my garden it´s a little lake in the centre, there are some fish. My garden has got some colourful flowers and some useful strawberries. There are five feeding birds, that is the reason because there are some birds in my garden. There are some buterflys and ladybugs too.

  3. Esther6B

    In my garden there are beautiful flowers of many colours: white, pink, purple… The garden is behind my house and some times i read a book or sunbath. Also i like to wach the birds and the insects that are living in my garden, but what
    i like most is to wach one plant where there are many bees.

  4. Gjoka

    In my garden there are some trees and lots of flowers.I always play football there and sometimes I play in my little park.But my favourite thing there is the horreo

  5. carlos

    My garden is very big and colourful .
    My garden have got a one tree and many many shrub and many many flowers in spring.

  6. Martín G. D. 6B

    I love my garden. 😒Well, is not my garden, it is the garden of my grandparents. This garden have many colourful flowers, five little trees, three bushes and a big creeper. When it is spring a lot of snails and colourful butterflies go to the garden. Always that I go to the garden I see many small beautiful birds. I think it is a fantastic garden.

  7. Elsa6B

    My favourite garden is one that has many colorful flowers and seed from tomatoes and diferent vegetables. Diferent animals like the butterflies.

  8. ikii 6b

    my garden is good

  9. fer curcio people

    HELLO .
    I ve got a beautiful garden.Ive got colourful flowers.I play football and basketball.

  10. Alba 6B

    My perfect garden is very big, very colourful. There are many colourful flowers, many fruits and vegetables.

  11. pelayo 6A

    I really like my perfect garden. It has got many colourful flowers and vegetables. Many bugs visit my garden like butterflies and beetles. When it starts raining many snails appear in the garden. In the garden, my cats play there when they want. I think it is the best garden.

  12. Celia 6B

    My garden is very big.
    My garden has many colourful flowers and many trees.
    The insects visit my garden.
    I love my garden.

  13. Alvarp6B

    My granparents have a garden. The garden is made up of 2 parts. In one part they plant potatoes, it is very big. In the second part they plant tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and lots of other things.

  14. Maru 6b

    My perfect garden is very big and beautiful.The garden has many colourful flowers and vegetables.I like watering the flowers.I love my garden.

  15. Gabriela 6B

    My garden is beautiful. It has got many flowers, plants, vegetables and 2 dogs and 1 rabbit. My garden is gigantic.
    I like my garden.

  16. lucia f

    My garden is beautiful on the house is green is in the school is flowers is in the house is a flowers in the garden . My mother is a beautiful and is a sister . My cat running in the garden . It’ s a beautiful in the garden my house .

  17. Andrea 6B

    I’ve got a garden. It ‘s not very big . There are some pines around the garden. It hasn’t got grass, only tiles . I never play in my garden.

  18. Paula 6b

    My garden has got lots of flowers and trees.
    Well, it is my grandparents’ garden but I play
    in it with my brother and one friend.
    In the garden live lots of insects like butterflies, bees, snails… and lots of birds.


  19. Adrian 6B

    My garden is very very big,it´s the most colourful in the world and it is perfect.
    My garden has flowers,walnuts,pines,and oaks.
    It is special because it is my garden.

  20. Kevin

    My garden is perfect.My garden has got a…Four palms,many flowers,many creepers and one tree.
    My dog Rayo is playing with the land and digging a hole.

  21. Dani6B

    In my ganden are: to many colorful flowers,a enormous tree and any more

  22. Irene 5ªA

    My garden is colourful and useful.
    there are some roses,three walnuts,some flowers and ten violets.In my garden I water the flowers,cut the grass and plant seeds.
    In my garden there are some butterflies and bees.

  23. oski curcio people

    In my orchad I have a lot of plants like flowers,strawberries,tomatos and a lot of other plants.
    The biggest are the pumkins.
    Ilove pumkings!
    And I make green houses and window boxes.

  24. Raúl 6A

    In my garden there’s a small orchard,trees,flowers and tomatoes plants.
    In my garden live my dog Chiki and my snake Curanda.
    It’s besutiful.

  25. pedro 6º

    In my garden there are fruits and vegetables. My favourite activity is picking and watering everything.

  26. Angela 6A

    My garden has lots of flowers,rasberries,strawberries and apple trees.I do many thins in my garden like water the flowers ,plant seeds and pick fruit.I’n my garden there are lots of insects like ladybugs,butterflies,worms,ants and beetles.

  27. María Sáez 6ºA

    In my garden there’s a barn, there are oaks, apple trees, pear trees, swings and an orchard. I pick fruits, I make insect hotels, I play with my friends and I feed the animals. There are horses, lynxes and butterflies.

  28. Lydia 6A

    My garden has a lot of flowers and trees. I have an orchard too. My favourite part is when I water the flowers. I love the apples that´s why I´ve got an apple.

  29. Llara 6A

    In my garden here are colourful butterflies and flowers.
    It’s got beautiful apples,stawberries,tomatoes and oranges.
    It’s got lady bugs,birds and trees.
    it’s got useful insects such as ants,beetles and butterflies.

  30. Lucia 6A

    In my garden there are many trees, butterflies, beetles, fruits, flowers, plants and ants .It is a beautiful garden: it is colourful, big and I like it

  31. silvia6A

    My garden is the garden of my house.There are some trees,flowers,cactus,orchard,one shed and the house of my dog.I don’t do anything my dad and my mum do all.The dogs,cats,butterflies and grasshopers visit my garden.

  32. alejandro

    My garden would be big. In my garden there would be flowers,trees,insects…
    My garden would be beautiful.

  33. Marta 6A

    In my garden there are colourful flowers and butterflies.
    There is a dog.
    There is one tree.
    There are insects and grass.

  34. Susana 6A

    My garden is small and it has one tree , small flowers and a small castle . It is a very famous garden and it in the curriellos .It is my favourite garden.

  35. Alba 6A

    In my garden are lots of flowers a swimming pool. I’ve got a dog. In my garden I’ve got a lot of fun 🙂

  36. miguel

    My garden has got trees and many flowers .
    My favourite activitie is playing football in the grass,
    In my garden are worms and caterpillars.

    MY GARDEN IS GREAT!!!!!!!!

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