Lugo de Llanera Primary School – Take a peek inside our English classes

General, Immersion programme

Josh, Fall Camp Teacher (Wales)

Children from Lugo de Llanera were fantastic. They were so polite! They were the politest children we had so far. And I think is thanks to their school teachers, for that honest authority they’ve got over them. And because they respect their school teachers, they respect others as well. Even in the classroom, when you ask them to do their work they’ll do it. And so, more often than not, children come to mess about in school but we didn’t get that this way, we got children who wanted to work. They did a lot of hard work. They were really good.


  1. Thank you for your kind words, Josh.

  2. Teacher Piedad

    Thanks Josh!
    It´s always good to hear that about our kids. I totally agree with you, they are hard workers.
    Proud teacher.

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