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Fall Camp 2015: How to set the table

photo credit: Set via photopin (license)

It is important to know how to set the table. You should practice at home before the Fall Camp. Ask your parents for help. It’s not so difficult and it can be fun. Remember: “Practice makes perfect”.

“I’m Griffin Churchill. I’m 9 years old. If I can do it, so can you.”
Griffin Churchill

Griffin teaches kids to set the table

On this video 9 year old Griffin Churchill shows other kids how to set an informal table for an every day family dinner. He explains why children should set the table. As with all of his “Life Skills” videos he ends it with “I’m Griffin Churchill. I’m 9 years old. If I can do it, so can you.”


Meal plate goes in the center
Bread plate goes on the left of the table
Fork goes on the left of the plate
Knife and spoon go on the right of the plate
Drink goes up to the right of the plate
Napkin goes under the fork

Useful vocabulary

Tablecloth or Placemat: mantel
Meal plate or Dinner plate: plato llano (grande)
Soup plate: plato hondo
Salad plate: plato de ensalada (mediano)
Fork: tenedor
Knife: cuchillo
Spoon: cuchara
Teaspoon: cucharilla
Water glass: vaso de agua
Napkin: servilleta

Table Setting Placemat

Need to brush up on where to place those knives and forks? Use this guide.

The tried-and-true way to remember the silverware order: The fork stands alone on the left side of the plate, and the knife protects the spoon from the fork on the right side.

To make it even easier, download this printable place mat. Try laminating it to make it last.



Click the image to download!

What about you?

Did you already know how to set the table?
Do you set the table at home?
Besides setting the table, what other chores do you do at home?
Are those chores fun?

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