In May, Year 6 pupils have been working on volume and structures in our Art and crafts lessons. In our “Working Together” project we used recycled paper to make a bridge.

We used recycled paper, adhesive tape, toilet rolls, scissors, rulers, pencils, sellotape, cardboard, poster paints and paintbrushes.

  • First, we used a pencil to make paper tubes. We used adhesive tape to stick the tubes together.
  • Then, we cut the tubes into 10 cm lengths. We threaded some wool through each one and we made a triangle.
  • Then, we joined several tubes together to make long tubes and joined triangles to the structure to make the sides of the bridge.
  • Then, we stuck the two sides of the bridge to a piece of cardboard using adhesive tape.
  • Then, we used four tubes to join the two sides of the bridge together.
  • Then, we took some toilet rolls to make the supports of the bridge.
  • Finally, we painted the bridge with poster paints and left it to dry.

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It was a very nice project. We worked together in groups and had fun.

These are our bridges:

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