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Materials experiment in year 3

We are learning about materials in year 3. This week we have learned vocabulary to talk about natural or manufactured materials and their properties. We know cotton, fabric, glass, wood, paper, metal, plastic, rigid, flexible,  elastic, waterproof, and absorbent.

First we labelled the materials, then we checked the answers using a dictionary and finally we made an experiment to check on the properties for every material.

We used the Scientific Method:

  • Question: Is this material rigid/flexible/absorbent/waterproof?
  • Hypothesis: I think that it is/isn´t rigid/flexible/absorbent/waterproof.
  • Experiment: We tried to bend the materials and put them in water.
  • Conclusion: Yes it is/No it isn´t rigid/flexible/absorbent/waterproof.

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Here you can play some games about materials:

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