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Oviedo: the City of Sculptures

I had a good time two weeks ago. I visited Oviedo with my wife and my pet. We went for a walk around the city centre. We saw many beautiful sculptures.

The statues are found on streets, plazas, and parks. Most of them are made of metal but others are made of stone. They are still sculptures so they can’t move. There is even one of Woody Allen, because he received a prize here.

Weather was perfect so when we got tired of walking we went to an open air terrace. We had a pizza and an apple juice for lunch. It was a wonderful day!

What about you?
Tell us about one of your favourite days!
(or maybe the worst)


  1. alicia 6B

    Last weekend i visited my friend Claudia in oviedo.On friday we went to a shopping centre.On saturdaywe went to the cinema.On sunday we went to the park in villabona.

  2. Alba S. 6ºB

    Hello, my birthday is a special day but i have more years, my birthday My family and my friends come to Lugo and Rodiezmo. I had many presents, some were clothes. It was my 11th birthday
    ALBA S.

  3. lucia ortea 6B

    I had a fantastic day par yesterday.In the morning I pklayed in the caravia camping while my parents prepared the tent.I ate spanish omelette.In he afternoon I went to the beach.I swam in the sea and I played with my cousins

  4. lucia fernandez fernandez 6b

    this day in león was fun because my family and my friends were at a party and it was very funny . this day played football with my brother and basketball with my friend. they were very funny because my brother felt down in the floor.
    next i helped my mother to prepare dinner and finally my family and had dinner.

  5. tANIA 6ºB

    I went to the swimming pool. I went with my friends. We swam one hour and later we went to telepizza and we ate pizzas, we drank milk. We had a very good time. We went to a shop. I bought a blue T-shirt!

  6. Gustavo Vega

    Last weekend i went to Robledo.I rode my bike and i went running with my dad.We also ridinga horse.I drank coke.We went to Caravies by bike and was tired

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