In our Year 6 Science lessons we have been finding out about simple machines. Now we know that they are machines with few or no moving parts that are used to make work easier. There are also complex machines (those that combine more than one simple machine).

There are 6 types of simple machines: wedge, wheel and axle, lever, inclined plane, screw and pulley.

Some examples of simple machines:

  • Inclined plane: a ramp, a slide
  • Pulley: curtain, window blind, flagpole
  • Wedge: doorstop, nail, zipper, scissors
  • Lever: scale, stapler, hammer, see saw, bottle opener
  • Screw: screw, bolt, jar lid, clamp, car jack
  • Wheel and axle: carts with wheels, door knob, rolling chair, bicycle

If you look around you can find many simple machines. Look closely; they are everywhere!

We recorded these videos about types of levers. Hope you like them!

Year 6A

Year 6B

You can also visit last school year video about levers:

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And one more thing! Here they are: our bloopers!