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Animals all around

I’ve got a pet. It’s a small dog. Her name is Nuska. She’s eleven years old. She’s white. She’s got strong legs and a long tail. Nuska lives at home. She eats special dog food but she prefers chicken and ham. She’s very greedy!

I walk Nuska three times a day. I give her food and fresh water every day. She’s very shy and she doesn’t bite but she loves barking. She loves sleeping too.

She’s so sweet!

Have you got a pet?
What’s your favourite animal?


  1. pelayo 5b

    My pet is a cat.Its name is Simba.It’s black,white and orange.She is shy and very greedy.It lives in a field and it eats meat,cat food and fried potatoes.Simba drinks milk and water.I visit Simba every day and it likes going to a mountain of plants.

  2. fernando

    MY PET
    My pet is a boar. His name is PUPAS. He’s brown.He’s got black eyes and big feet.PUPAS lives in a farm .He eats acorns and he drinks water I give him food and fresh water every day .He likes eating

  3. Yara (5B)

    My pet is a dog.Her name is Lola.She’s white and brown.Lola has got very long ears.She lives at home .She eats special dog food and she drinks fresh water every day.I brush her every day.She doesn’t like strange people but she’s very sweet.
    I LOVE MY PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maru(5B)

    My pet is a dog.His name is Leo.He’s dark brown and light brown.Leo has got short ears and a short tail.He lives at my house.He eats special food but he prefers chicken and meat.Leo drinks water.I brush her every day.He’s a bit greedy.

  5. Javier 5ºB

    My pet is a guinea pig . His name is Luck . He´s brown and white . He´s small. Luck lives in the house . He eats plants and fruit . I give him fresh water every day .

  6. Paula Perez (5B)

    My pet is a dog. His name is Tobi. He’s brown and white and he’s big and playfull. He lives at home and eats dog food and drink fresh water every day.
    He’s very fast

  7. Alvaro 5B

    My pet is a dog. It’s a rockwailer. His name is Rookie . It’s a beautiful animal . It’s big and black . It’s 3 years old . It eats dog food and drinks water . I look after him very well . I love my pet

  8. martin.g.d5b

    My pet is an osprey.
    His name is `Jeff the killer´.
    He´s very big, obedient and very fast.
    He´s 2 years old.
    He eats bones.
    He lives in the roof.
    I set him free 3 times a day.
    I love my pet.

  9. Kevinmop 5b

    My pet is a snake.The name of my snake is Vibora.He’s brown,green and black.He has a small head and a big tail.It lives in a box in the garden.It eats hamsters and mice.He drinks fresh water and milk.I clean his box every day.

  10. gjoka995A

    My pet is a dog,his named Rayo,he´s black and light brown,he´s big and strong,he lives at my yard,he eats meat and special dog food and drinks fresh water every day,we walk him every day,we clean him every month.He likes playing with a ball.

  11. Angela 5A

    My pet is a little dog.His name is Jazz.He’s white and small and…so sweet.He lives in my house.He eats dog food and dog cookies.He drinks fresh water.I brush him every day.He’s very greedy and he sleeps a lot.

  12. Maria S.5A

    My pet is a dog.Her name is Canela.She´s light brown.She´s got long hair and big eyes.Canela lives in my house.She eats special dog food and drinks fresh water.Iclean her hair every weeck.She likes playing with a ball and meat.

  13. Paula 5A

    My pet is a hamster very beautiful,caring and friendly.His name is Simy.He is brown and white and he has blue eyes.It’s a little bit shy.Simy lives in a cage.He eats vegetables and special food and drinks water.I brush him every week.It’s very cute!

  14. Raúl 5A

    My pet is a dog.His name is Chiki.He’s white.He’s got black eyes,a short tail and a beautiful nose.He’s eleven years old.He eats chips,rice and tuna.He likes playing football and running in the park.

  15. Miguel Solís 5ºA

    My pet is a frog he eats flies and mosquitoes.His name is Pepito and I found him in the grass. He drinks water and he’s green above and white below. He’s a bit shy and greedy. He lives and swims in a box, and he hunts outside the box.

  16. lydia 5A

    One of my pets is a dog. Her name is Sally. She´s white. She´s got brown eyes and a long tail . Sally lives in my grandparents house. Sally eats dog food and drinks fresh water.I give her food and water every day. She likes playing and she´s very friendly.
    I also have two cats. Their names are Copito and Rubiales. Copito is white and Rubiales is orange and white. Copito has got very light blue eyes and Rubiales a long tail. They live in my grandparents house too. They eats cats food and drink fresh water. I give them food and water every day. They like playing.

  17. Gabriela 5B

    My pet is a dog. His name is Romeo.
    Romeo is black and white.He is big and quiet Romeo lives in a hut.Romeo eats special food and driks water .I brush him every day .My dog is fast.
    I love my dog

  18. Celia 5B

    My pet is a cat. His name is Miky. He,s black. He,s got green eyes and a long tail. Miky lives at home. He eats cat food and he drinks water. He,s very fast. I love my cat.

  19. adrian 5B

    MY PET
    My peat is a shark.His name is “People eater”.the color of my shark is white.He is carnivorous and is very very dangerous.He eats meat and people.He drinks blood and water.I brush his body every day.

  20. aitana 5B

    my pet is a cat.Her name is Nuca.She´s brow,black and white.Nuca lives at home.She eats cat food and drinks water.I give her food in the morning and in the night.
    She´s a little bit cazy and is very angry.
    I love my cat!

  21. Carlos 5B

    My pet is a dog.
    His name is Roco.
    He is 3 years old.
    He’s a German shepperd.
    His hobby is playing with his friend and sleep.

  22. Ricardo 5b

    My pet is a hamster. His name is Picachu . He eats hamster food. He´s white aud brown. He is smal . He lives in a cage. He crinks water. I gire him food aud water every day.He´s Russian.

  23. dani5b

    My pet is a mare.She s very happy,she eats carrots,and drink wuater.She likes playing with me.She lives in my house.I like playing with her

  24. Donia 5B

    My pet is a cat .Her name is Taly.She’s black.She’s got great long
    noils.Tali lives in my house.She’s eats cat food and driks milk and
    water. I give her food and milk every day. I brush her every week.
    And she likes playing in bocces caching spider
    love my cat.

  25. angela 5B

    My pet is a cat.He`s name is Lucas.He`s light grey because it`s a siamese.He`s got blue eyes and white legs He is very sweet and handsome.He lives in my house and he eats special cat food and drinks milk and water.I brush him every day .He`s 2 months and he loves climbing trees but then he doesn’t know how to go down

  26. Esther

    My pet is a fish.Her name is Coral and she is orange.She is small and fat.She lives in a
    fishbowl and she eats fish food.I clean her fishbowl every day.She likes swimming and jumping.

    • Alejandro 5A

      My pet is a hamster.His name Kevin.His colour is brown and white.He has short legs and short ears.He lives in a cage.He eats hamster food and vegetables.He drinks water. I give him food and water every day.He likes running in the hall.

  27. Oski 5a

    My pet is a horse.His name is Futur.His colour is brown.I has a long tail and long legs.He lives on the Asturcon.He eats special horse food and drinks fresh water.He loves run.
    I LOVE MY PET!!!!!!!!!

  28. Pelayo 5A

    My pet is a dog .Her name is Roki.He is black. He is big and he has a big tail.Roki live in my home .He eats meat.He is nice.He drinks water.
    I love my pet

  29. Irene bedia

    My pet is a cat.Her name is Gilda.Gilda is black and it has green eyes. She’s active, fast and intrepid but she is very sweet. She lives in Belmonte de Miranda. Gilda eats fish and drinks milk and fresh water. I brush Gilda’s hair EVERY DAY. Gilda has a long tail.
    I love my pet 🙂

  30. Alba5a

    My pet is a dog .His name is Boss .He’s brown and her legs white .He eats dog food,he drinks fresh water every day.I play whith hin every day.He loves playing.
    I LOVE my pet 🙂

  31. Enma 5A

    My pet is a cat,His name ´s Rayo.His colour is orange. He’s a big cat and she has small ears.He lives at home.He eats special cat food. He drinks water.I play with Rayo every day.He is very,very fast. He likes to hunt flies and to eat them.

  32. Patricia 5A

    my pet is a dog .her name is lisa .her colour is white and brown .she eats dog food and water. she bites a lot.

  33. Silvia 5A

    My pet is a dog.Her name is Charly.He’s black and brown.He’s a German Shepherd.Charly has got a long tail.He’s seven years old.He eats special dog food and drinks water.Charly is greedy.I love my pet.

  34. Pedro 5ºA

    My pet
    My pet is a dog. Her name is LUA.She´s black and white. She´s got a small tail. Lua lives in my home. She eats special dog food. She´s playful and she likes sleeping too. I take her for a walk 3 times a day. She´s very friendly and she doesn´t bite

  35. susana 5a

    My pet is a cat the name is Luna .she’s black and yelow. SHE’S got long body . She lives in my hause . she eats special cat food .she drinks water and milk . i give her food and water every day . She likes playing and eating.

  36. nel 5ºa

    mi pet is a dog.his name is storm.he´s black and white.he as big legs.he at home.he eats special dog food.he drinks fresh water.he likes playing

  37. Llara 5A

    My pet is a dog.Her name is Mia.She’s white.She has large ears and a long tail.She lives in Lugo de Llanera.She eats special food and drinks fresh water.I brush her teeth every month.It’s 1 year and six months old.Is small and very greedy

  38. Marta 5A

    My pet is a dog.His name is Paul.He’s black and white.He’s got a small tail and long ears.Paul lives in a house.He eats special dog food and he likes bones and water.I brush him every week.I like my dog!!!!!!!!

  39. Irene T 5A

    My pet is a dog her name is kiara.her colour is white and black .kiara has got a short tail . she eats dog food and drinks water .i take her to he vet every weer .kiara is sweet and she is 2 years old .
    I love my pet

  40. diego 5A

    My pet is a dog.His name is Uro.He´s brow and white.He´s a small dog.He is playful.He lives in Leon.He eats dog food and he water .I love playing white Uro.I LOVE 🙂

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