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What do you like doing?

What do you like doing in your free time / spare time? What are your hobbies? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor activities?

I like reading, I like learning English, I like hiking and also playing my guitar. I love talking to my friends and family and I love travelling. What about you? Do you like skipping? Do you like doing exercises? Do you like playing football / basketball / tennis? Do you like swimming / dancing / running? Do you like horse back riding? Do you like listening to music? Do you like acting / painting /drawing /singing? Do you like riding your bike or skating? During rainy days do you like playing board games / playing cards or do you prefer playing computer games?


  1. adrian

    I´m Adrian I like playing board games

  2. Sergio

    my name is Sergio.I like playing the futbool and playing computer games

  3. Raul

    My name is Raul.I like playing footbal and playing computer games

  4. Paula

    I”m Paula. I love talking to my frends.I like reading and playing computer games.

  5. julian

    My name is Julian. I`like playing football and computer games.

  6. Carla

    Me name is Carla. I like playing basketball and I love talking to my friends.

  7. pelayo

    my name is pelayo.i like playing fotball and play computer games

  8. Andrea and Alejandra

    By Andrea and Alejandra . Andrea:
    I like swimming and
    i like lisening to music ,kiss my mamy and dance.

  9. hector

    my name is Hector.i like playing the computer games and playing the play station3.

  10. Iris

    I`m Iris.I like reading and learning Englis

  11. Aroa

    my name is AROA.I like computer games,reading.

  12. Ángel

    My name is Ángel.I like playng xbox 360

  13. Mario and Mario

    my name is Mario Suarez.I´like playing fotball.
    My name is Selas l´ like playing computer games

  14. Alejandro

    My name is Alejandro.I love playing computer games, playing football and reading books and comics.

  15. Laura

    My name is Laura.I like talking of my friends, listening to music and swimming.I love ballet and computer games.

  16. jonathan

    my name is jonny.Ilike
    playing football and tennis.

  17. roberto

    my name is roberto.what are your hobbies?i like learning you like playing football and playing computer games

  18. Carolina 4ºB

    Me name is Carolina.I like this activity because each person expresses what he likes .

  19. Elia

    Hello mi name is Elia.I want to say wat i I love and what I like.I like dancing but I love basketball.

  20. hell mi name is Samuel l´ik football i´love Computer games(WII)

  21. Sara

    My name is Sara. I like playing basketball and playing computer games.I love doing exercises.

  22. andrea

    My name is Andrea. I´like swimming and I love talking to my fiends and playing computer games and listening to music.

  23. my name is Izan i like
    playing football and
    i like playing computer games.

  24. Lucía

    Me name is Lucía. I love gimnastics rhythmic, football, tennis and talk to my friends.

  25. jorge

    mi name is jorge i like pay the piano and play the violin i like footbal and i like swiming pool and play the flauta and i like basketbal

  26. my name is paula.My feiborite games is swiming,runnig and ruiding

  27. Carolina

    My name is Caroline. I like skating, playing football and talking to my friends.

  28. sandra

    My name is Sandra.My favourite is swimming and reading.

  29. jose

    naimen by jose footbol

  30. my name is Hugo i like playing cards and i love playing football

  31. Laura

    I am Laura. I like swimming and drawing. I love painting.

  32. Cristina

    my name is Cristina I like doing exercises and love ewwiming

  33. Martín

    Hello, I am Martín and I like playing board games and doing exercises, but I love doing sports and playing computer games in my computer.

  34. Mara

    I am Mara y like skiping but I love playing football

  35. Hugo Luna

    Hello my name is Hugo.I like playing football and playing pocker.I love playing tennis and basketball.

  36. laura

    My name is Laura surname montolla gabarre i like painting. y like and eschoolm and footoball

  37. dasha

    I am Dasha.I like playing football,but I love playing with my friends.

  38. olga

    I am Olga. I like reading I love swimming.

  39. Andrea

    I am Andrea.I like reading ,but I love doing crafts and playing with my friends.

  40. lila

    im lila i like reading and i love paintin

  41. ViCtOr aNd AlBeRtO ( ͡°‿‿ ͡°)

    We are Víctor and Alberto. Victor: I like playing football and computer games. Alberto:I like computer games and playing football. ( ͡°‿‿ ͡°)

  42. Borja 4C

    My name is Borja . I like playing football and computer games


    Our name are Lucya and Enivet. We like dancing and playing football.


    Our name are Pedro and Nacho.We like playing futbool and playing PS4 and X – box 360.

  45. Hugo 4 C

    My name is Hugo. i like swimming

  46. Nerea and Yamila 4c

    Our names are Yamila and Nerea. We like playing cards and make bracelets

  47. Dimas 4 c

    my name is Dimas I like playing fulbol and tenis

  48. martin

    My name is martin . l like playing footbol and playing games

  49. Maria and Pelayo.

    I,m Maria and I am Pelayo . We like playing computer games in the morning.

  50. Julia4C

    I am Julia i like swimming , playing board games and skipping

  51. lydia 4c

    my name is lydia i like dancing and if it rains or I like making bracelets friendship or computers or study. . .

  52. Julia4C

    I´m Julia i like playing badminton and runing.

  53. Saul 4C

    i am SAUL. i like plaimng futbol.

  54. Mar4b

    I´m Mar. I like listening to music, I love it.

  55. HUGO 4 B


  56. irene4b

    I ´m Irene. I like playing computer games and I love the sports.

  57. aitor y ekaitz

    aitor I like playing fotball and playing computer games

  58. marta and laura 4B

    we are Marta and Laura.Marta: I like playing futbol and playing computer games.Laura:I like dancing,playing computer games,playing basketball and doing exercises.

  59. Cayetana:)

    i like playing computer games and playin football

  60. aitor and ekaitz

    Ekaitz i like playing fotball and watching oviedo

  61. {PABLO}

    I `am Pablo. I like playing computer {games}

  62. HUGO 4B


  63. emma 4b

    my name is emma i like playing computer games

  64. Jose 4B

    like playing golf

  65. lucia 4B

    I´m lucia . Iike playing basketball and listening to mussic i love it


    I`m Laura Montoya, i like talking on phone and watching the gypsy kings.

  67. oLaYa :) :) ;:=

    i like dancing , playing football and computer games

  68. Vera,Sara

    we like doing excercices,dancing,playing board games and fighting with our brothers.

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