Is yeast a living thing? Does it breath, eat or reproduce? We investigated about it. We made two different experiments. Do you want to see part of them?

We wanted to know if yeast could eat, breath or reproduce, so in our Science classroom we decided to use the Scientific approach to answer to these questions.

  • Questions: Is yeast a living thing? Does it breath or eat?
  • Hypothesis 1: Yes, it is a living thing, so it can eat, breath and reproduce.
  • Hypothesis 2: It is not a living thing, so it´s not eating, breathing or reproducing.
  • Experiment 1: We put different ingredients in four cups to test hypothesis 1.
  • Experiment 2: We spread the yeast on wet bread to test hypothesis 2.
  • Conclusion: Yeast is a living thing because it can breath and eat and it can reproduce under  certain circumstances, this is, it needs warm temperatures and humid areas.