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I collect coins

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I collect foreign coins. I’ve got about 200 different coins from countries all around the world. I keep them in a treasure chest.

I get coins from my holidays, my family and my friends. My favourites are the oldest coins but they are expensive.

I would like to take my collection to a coin expo.

I love collections.

Do you have a collection? What do you collect?


  1. Martín G. D.

    I collect Skylanders. I have about 58. They are for a videogame. I keep them in a box.
    I buy Skylanders in a shop called Game.
    I like Bouncer and night shift but my vfavourite is Knigh Light .
    I love my collection.

  2. Martin 5A

    I collect comics.
    I have about 20.
    I keep them on shelves.
    I get them thanks to my mother and my cousins.
    My favourite ones are mortadelo y filemon and zipi y zape.
    I love my collection cause it´s an entertaiment.

  3. Paula 5A

    I collect shells and stones.Ihave lots of both and they are very beautiful.I keep them in a big box.I get them in the sea of Andalucia or buying in a small shop.I don’t have favourite shells or stones because all of them are very beautiful.

  4. María Sáez 5A

    I collet books.I keep them in a bookcase and in boxes.I´ve got abaut sixty.There are books from lots of collections.I buy the books in shops and I get books from my family.My fabourite books are “Segundo grado en torres de Malory´´ and “Alicia en el país de las maravillas´´

  5. lydia 5A

    I collect posters. I have got about 40. I get them from the shop . I keep them in a folder on the shelves. My favourite poster is of a dog and a cat. I like my collection

  6. Raúl Fernández 5A

    I collect football cards.l have got about 18.l get them from the shop,from muy brother and from my birthday.l keep them in a bookcase.l love football cards!

  7. pelayo 5B

    I collect football cards.Icollect cards of many Spanish.My favourites are Ronaldo,Bale and Casillas.I get them from a shop and my mother.I like my collection.

  8. Alvaro 5B

    I collect football card ADRENALYN.I have got 1oooooo .I get then fron a kiosk.I keep then in a album .My favorite is Messi golt ball , Invencible card and Messi Neymar duo imparable . I love my collecion.

  9. fer5b

    I collect ADRENALYN2015 .I have105.I keep them in the pocket and in the album. I get them in a kiosk.My favourite is Gaya 11 of diamonds,James ball of gold and Messi normal ………………………..i loveeeee my collection

  10. Yara (5B)

    I collect cards.I have about 75 cards. I keep them in an album .I get them from the shop.My favourites are of animals.Specially of dogs and horses.I love my collection…

  11. Kevin 5B

    I collect football cards.I have got about 100.I get them from the shop.I keep them in a box.My favourite ones are… Christian gold ball,inbencible card,Casillas goalkeeper,Chillarito idol,Granero and Canales duo imparable.I love my collection

  12. adrian 5B

    I collect cards.
    I have got about 1.000 cards.
    I get the cards from the shop.
    I keep them in a album.
    My favourite ones are Messi Neymar and Bale.
    I love my collection.

  13. diego

    I collect fig ure a minecraft. I have 27 figure. I kebe the shelvos. Iget them from the a is de pigshop.myfavorite

  14. Elsa 5B

    My Collect
    I collect magnet
    I have got about 12
    I get them from all the places I have visited
    I keep them on the fridge
    My favourite ones are fron Tenerife , Salamanca , and Panplona
    I like my collection.

  15. Celia 5B

    I collect soft toys.I have got about 23.I buy them for my birthday.I keep them on my bed and on a sofa.My favourite ones are a baby dog and a baby lion.I love my collection.

  16. ANGELA 5B

    I collect soft toys.I have about 20.I keep them on my bed and my wardrobe.I get them from a shop and my family.I haven`t any favourite soft toy because i love old of them.

  17. Paula ( 5B )

    This is my collect.
    I collect cards. I´ve got about 200. I keep them in a box.
    I buy cards in a shop.
    There aren´t any favourite card. I like ol of them.
    I love my collection.

  18. lucia v 5B

    I collect books.I have got about 50.I get them for Christmas.My favourite book is Geronimo Stilton.I keep them on the shelves.I love my collection.

  19. Alba 5B

    I collect films. I have got about 24 films.I get them from the shop.Ikeep them on the shelves .My favourite film is “la estrella de Laura”.I love my collection.

  20. Ricardo 5B

    I have sixti five coins .I chinge coins winth other people .I keep them in a box.My favorite ones are the “pestas´´ .
    I lore my collection.

  21. CARLOS M.A. (5B)

    I collect skylanders, stikids and gogos.My favourite collection is skylanders.
    They are in my bedroom and in my living room. I buy them from a shop. I love my collection.

  22. gabriela 5B

    I collect auryn cards. I have got about 100 cards.
    I keep them on my bed.
    I get from the shop, friends and my family. My favorites are all the cards
    I love my collection.

  23. Daniel 5B

    I collect meny things but my favourite collection is for cards of Adrenalyn.My favourite cards is Cristiano Ronaldo ball of gold and Toni Kroos superkrak .I get them in the shop.I keep them in my bedroom

  24. I collect branches . I keep them in the jacket and the floor . I ´ ve got about thirty branches from many places of Asturias . My favorite branches are : oaks , alder , cypress. I always the ground.

  25. lucia fidalgo 5B

    I collet books.I have about ten books.I buy the books from a shop.I keep them on the shelf . MY favourite book is ´´VIOLETTA . I love collection

  26. Maru (5B)

    I collect stickers.I have got about 10.I get them from de shop.I keep them in a box.My favorite ones are from animals.I love my collection.

  27. DONIA 5B

    I collect stickers. I have got about 20. I get them from my family.
    I keep them in a bookcase.

  28. Angela 5.A

    I collect books.I keep them in a bookcase. I’ve got about 60 books.There are books of adventures, of scary stores and fantastic stores.I buy them in a shop and i also set them from my mum and my dad. My favourite books are” La dentista demonio”,”El diario de Nikky” y “Ottoline”.I collect books ecause i love reading.

  29. Enma 5A

    I collect books. I’ve got about 8 magazines and 2 books about animals. I get them from the shop and from my family. I keep them in a box on my bedroom. My favourite ones are… the ‘Animals 2014’ book and 3 famous magazines.

  30. juan

    My collection.
    I collec football cards the collect 440 football cards.
    I collect coins , football cards , music , stamps , books on the bookase ect.
    In from family on the home .
    A on from the home big .

  31. Maria Casado (5ºA)

    I collect posters.I keep them on the door and on the wall of my bedroom.I´ve got about 12.I get them from the magazines and from my mum.My favourite posters are the famous posters and animals posters.

  32. Pedro5ªA

    My collections
    I collect football card .I keep them in an albúm.I´ve got about 90.
    There are cards liga BBVA.I buy the cards from a shop.
    My fovourite cards are the “NEYAMAR,GAYÁ,MESSI AND JAMES RODRIGUES”

  33. Alba 5A

    I collect shells .I have got about 30 .I get them from the beach .I keep them in a box on the shelves .My favourite shell is the biggest one.


    I collect cards of Inbizimals. I´ve got about 100 cards in my album. My favourites are the Xion Mao, the Darck Tigersac and the Fire Dragon. I buy the cards from a kiosk, bookshop and Carrefour.

  35. Irene Bedia 5ª A

    I collect ‘The Kingdom of Fantasy’. It is a colection of books.
    I get them from my parents. I keep them on the shelves in my bedroom.
    My favourite book on this collection is number 4: ‘The forest kingdom’.
    I’ve got about 5 out of 7.

  36. patricia tena 5A

    i collect posters,I have got about 10 . I get them from my family,my favourite poster is an animal poster.

  37. araceli 5A

    I collect posters of singrs . I have got 3 (three). They are on the wall. My favorite posters are “Nyno” Kale” and Manuel.

  38. nel alvarez oliveira 5ºa

    i collet football .cards my favorite cards from real madrid team i keep them my box and air album i set the cards from my dad and my mum . my favorites cards are of famous players and the team . my collet is very big

  39. Llara 5.A

    I collect posters.I have got about 40.
    I get them in a shop.
    I keep them in my bedroom. My favourite posters are sweet california,dogs and a hamster.
    I love my collection.

  40. Diego 5A

    I collect magnets .
    I have got about 50.
    I get them from the shop.
    I keep them on the fridge.
    My favourite magnet is of the Colorado Canyon.
    I love my collection.

  41. Pelayo del Agua 5A

    I collect footboll crds
    I have got abaut 100
    I got them from the shop
    I keep in the box
    My favourite ones are Nolito and Pelayo
    I love my collection

  42. Irene T 5A

    i collect magnets and posters. i have 18 magnets and posters. my favorites posters of dance my favorites magnets of animal

  43. Marta Tobes 5A

    I collect posters. I’ve got about 35 posters. I keep them in a bookcase. I buy the posters from a shop and I get posters from my uncles. My favourite ones are cat and dog. I love my collection.

  44. Miguel Solís 5ºA

    I collect coins from different countries. I’ve got about 10. My favourite are one USA cent, two pence piece and twenty five ptas. My mom gives me the British coins and my dad, the american coins. I keep them in a box.

  45. Silvia 5A

    I collect shells. I have got about 60. I get them from the beach. I keep them in a box on the shelves. My favourite ones are the biggest. I love my collection.

  46. I collect cards and money . My favorite is my money collection. I keep them in box and on the bed . I’ve got abaut 10 money and 12 cads .

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