In our Science classes, Year 6 pupils have been finding out about the human body. Now we know that we are complex organisms because many different systems and their organs work together to provide vital functions. The nervous system is one of them and helps us to interact with our environment.

In the Science Week we have been investigating about our dominant side using a scientific learning approach: question, hypothesis, method and conclusion.

This cool experiment taught us more about how our body and brain work together. We tested our dominant side by completing a series of challenges: eye tests, hand/arm tests and foot/leg tests.

1. Question: Which one is my dominant side?

2. Hypothesis:

  • I think my dominant side is the left side.
  • I think my dominant side is the right side.
  • I think I’m ambidextrous.

3. Method and Record: experiment and record data

  • Hand/arm tests: write name, use scissors, throw ball, take a cup
  • Foot/leg tests: run and jump, kick ball, step on object
  • Eye tests: wink an eye. look in tube
  • Ear tests: listen to whisper. listen through wall

4. Conclusion:

  • My dominant side is the left side.
  • My dominant side is the right side.
  • I’m ambidextrous.

5. Communication: tell your classmates, family and visit our blog.

These were the results:

Year 6A

  • Right side: 12
  • Left side: 1
  • Ambidextrous: 6

Year 6B

  • Right side: 10
  • Left side: 1
  • Ambidextrous: 3

So what side do you favor? Are you left handed or right handed? Left footed or right footed? Is your right eye dominant or is it your left?

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