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Immersion programme

Fall Camp 2014: Videos and Podcasts

During the Fall Camp in Ezcaray, we recorded some podcasts and videos. In this post you can listen to the podcasts and watch the videos. Hope you like them!

Our teachers say we need some more practice, because practice makes perfect, but here they are:


Let’s find out about human impact on environment

Let’s find out about recycling

Let’s find out about water

Let’s find out about flora and fauna

Let’s find out about air


Let’s find out about water

Let’s find out about air

Our saving water rules

Podcasts Jingle from “Rodin Deadpan” by Big Blood


  1. agueda 6ªb

    hello the podcasts and the videos not found and i didn’t so my video ¡and I’m very good!

  2. Carla 6ºB

    The computer of the school is terrible!!!!!
    I wasn’t saw the videos and i wasn’t listen the podcast.
    I supost (suponer pero creo que lo escribi mal) when i’m going to my house i’m going to take the computer of my father and i’m going to see the videos.

  3. Teacher Piedad

    Thank you students. Good productions. Nice effort. I feel really proud. Keep working hard.
    Thanks to teacher Luis too 😉

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