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Say cheese!

We love our Science lessons, especially if we are making experiments. Last term we learnt about teeth hygiene in our Conocimiento del Medio and also in our Science lessons.

First we prepared an experiment to show what would happen if we did not clean our teeth.  You can try it at home too. Just pretend a boiled egg to be your tooth, put it in coffee or cola/coke and wait for one week. You can use a toothbrush to clean it. Amazing, huh?

Then, we watched videos and we sorted food photos from brochures into good or bad for our teeth and we talked about it. And finally we played the Black Tooth game.


  1. erika

    no boi a sinence pero me gusta

  2. paula 3C

    IT´s my favourite subject

  3. Andrea 3A

    I like science. ¡It is very funny!

  4. HUGO 3A

    No me ha gustado nada. A mi me gusto cuando tiraron el huevo al suelo.¿A votros tambien os gustaria?¿No?

  5. Unai 3rdA

    Hello I´m Unai. I love English, sience and arts ant crafts

  6. Carolina 3B

    Hello I´m Carolina I love this experiment, but it is a little bit yucky!

  7. Elia 3B

    Hello I´m Elia i love this experimen,it´s very interesting, funny

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