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Art and crafts

Arts and Crafts Paces

Every person is different and unique and so are our projects. We are creative and we use our creativity to express ourselves. In short, drawing and other forms of art are simply part of the human instinct to communicate.

These are little examples of what we are and do.


  1. andrea and carla 3c

    we like arts and crafts, hello

  2. raul3C


  3. Dasha 3ªA

    I like arts and crafs.It’s very funny.

  4. Olga 3-A

    I like arts and crafts.It’s my favourite subject in English

  5. Andrea 3A

    I love Arts and Crafts. It is my favourite subject.

  6. Martin 3A

    Hello, I´m Martin, I love english, arts and crafts and science, It´s very interesant.

  7. Cristina 3A

    Hallo my name is Cristina. My favourite subject is Art and crats, I LOVE IT.

  8. Daniel Luis 3A

    Daniel 3A on May 26, 2014
    I love Arts ant crafts.It´s my favorite Arts activity.

  9. Ale y Jorge 3B

    I´m Jorge, i love arts and crafst i like arts and crafts acivities

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