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Hand On The Bridge

Next April, 23rd we are celebrating International Day of the Book or World Book Day.

This school year our school has chosen Poems as the main topic to appreciate reading. So in our English lessons we are learning about poems too. Do you want to see us getting ready for that day?

Our teacher has chosen Hand On The Bridge, a poem by Michael Rosen. We know Michael because he is a British children´s novelist and poet. We like his book We are going on a bear hunt.

This is the way we are learning and memorizing Hand on the Bridge: we watch Michael Rosen´s video from his website, we read and repeat the poem, we act it out, we play games with sentence strips, and obviously we practise and practise and practise!


  1. Dasha 3ªA

    I like this activity.

  2. Óscar 3A

    ¡jajajajajaaaaaa!.Muebe las manos a toda velocidad.

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