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Museum of Fine Arts Fieldtrip

Last month year 4A&B visited the Museum of Fine Arts of Asturias. Our teacher tutors organised this activity, but all of us learnt a lot about Science, Arts and Crafts and Oral expression in Spanish too.

Vanesa, our monitor/guide during the day was very kind and nice. She taught us a lot of things about Geography, about Asturias landscapes and paintings. We were really attentive listeners and engaged learners.

First she explained a little bit about the Museum in general and the Museum history. Then, we played a game to identify some paintings, described them, talk about them and finally pinned a mini-card about the painting on the Asturias map. After that we went downstairs to paint and show our favourite corner from Asturias. Can you guess some of them?

Don´t miss our photo gallery.

Thank you Vanesa and teachers. We love learning like this!


  1. What a fantastic experience! And you learnt about so many things!
    I think one of your favourite corners from Asturias is Puerto Pajares.

  2. Vanesa

    hi!!! I love this post!!!! thank you very much!! It´s fantastic to know that you have enjoyed the activity and Museum!!!
    I hope you return another day!!

    All the best!!!

    • Teacher Piedad

      Thank you again, Vanesa.
      We are glad that you like it.

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