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Oviedo: the City of Sculptures

I had a good time two weeks ago. I visited Oviedo with my wife and my pet. We went for a walk around the city centre. We saw many beautiful sculptures.

The statues are found on streets, plazas, and parks. Most of them are made of metal but others are made of stone. They are still sculptures so they can’t move. There is even one of Woody Allen, because he received a prize here.

Weather was perfect so when we got tired of walking we went to an open air terrace. We had a pizza and an apple juice for lunch. It was a wonderful day!

What about you?
Tell us about one of your favourite days!
(or maybe the worst)


  1. Irene (6A)

    Last November was a perfect time. I went to the cinema with aunt, uncle and my sister. I drank a Fanta and ate chips and a hamburger.
    It was very, very……. interesting. I recommend this experience.

    Good bye

  2. carlos solar fuertes (6A)

    I went to parque aventura
    last summer with my family
    i got on all the rides .I had a good time . It was sunny
    I ate pasta , pizza, and icecream

  3. Pablo Vicho (6A)

    A day in Portaventura.
    Last weekend I went to Portaventura with my friends. My favourite roller coast is Stampida. I ate hamburgers and I drank water. I had a great time. I recommend Portaventura to everyone.

    • Teacher Piedad

      I am so scared of roller coasters…but I like Barcelona.

  4. Alejandra 6ºA

    Last summer I had a good day. My family and i went to the zoo. We watched some animals.We ate a sandwich and drank a coke. This day I didn`t visit birds because they were hidden.

  5. almudena 6A

    I went to the mountains last summer.I went with my family. I climbed a mountain. I ate a pizza and an ice cream. It was very, very hot.


    I went to Fuentes de invierno.I had a good time.I skied , I learnt to ski
    I ate pizza and chips and I went to the nurse’s office

  7. javier 6A

    five years ago I went to my grandad’s house this day I ate a hamburger. In the afternoon
    I fell down and I got injured

  8. Claudia Llorente Fernández (6A)

    I had a very good time some years ago. I went to the beach with some friends. In the morning we swam in the sea and then we had lunch. I ate hamburger and I drank Fanta. I loved the temperature of the water. It was a wonderful day!

  9. Andrea (6 A)

    Six years ago (one June) it was my infant graduation. In the morning at school we had a party. Then we ate cokes and chips.

    In the afternoon my parents, my sister and I travelled to Bayona (Galicia). There we had a very good week. The weather was perfect and every day we went to the beach.

  10. Beatriz (6ºA)

    I had a fantastic day last summer ,I went to the beach in Ribadesella. I enjoyed with my family and some friends. I played in the beach and we ate a sandwich and an ice-cream. We had a good time.

  11. vanessa alonso

    I went to my village last weekend.
    I went with my cousins.
    I saw many wild animals
    I loved the zebras.
    I ate a pizza.
    I had a good time.

  12. Daniel 6ºA

    In 2010 I went to the Warner with my family.I rode on a roller coaster.
    I was hungry .I ate a pizza and I drank a Fanta.

    I recommend the Warner to everyone.

  13. maria jesus 6A

    The first day at this school .It was the worst day of my life. I went with my brother. I introduced myself.

  14. Kevin (6A)

    I had a good time
    I went to the fall camp
    I went last summer
    I went whit my family
    I visited the catedral
    I ate a pizza and ice cream

  15. Alba 6A

    Last summer I went to Madrid with my family. I got on all the rides. My favourite ride was Río Brabo I didn`t like the Superman: I had a horrible time . I ate a pizza and drank a Fanta . Wather was fantastic, sunny and very hot.

    I had a fantastic day . It was a wonderful day. 😉

    • Lucia Re 6ºC

      When I went to Madrid it was also very hot. I think you had an amazing day.

    • Andrea 6ºA

      This year we will go to Madrid. In the Warner I’m not gong to ride on the Superman

    • Teacher Piedad

      What is the Superman? Is it a roller coaster?

  16. lorena(6ºA)

    I had a good time.I went to Granada.I visited my family.I played a computer game.I ate pizza and I drank a milkshake.

  17. Iván 6B

    Last weekend I went to my aunt´s home.I went with my family.I ate fish and chips with my cousins.Then we played a videogame called Minecraft.My cousin has a dog and we played with him.His name is Bobby.I had a very good time.

  18. Misha 6B

    I had a good time last Christmas.I went to Russia with my family.I went because I have a Russian family.It was snowing.In Sterlitamak I played a lot, and in Moscow I visited cathedrals.I ate pasta and drank water.

    • Teacher Piedad

      I bet it was freezing cold! But also an amazing experience. Lucky you!

  19. Rebeca 6 B

    Last weekend i went to the cinema with cousin.I had a good time.
    I saw a very interesting film.
    The title was “This is us”, it is about a boy band.
    I ate popcorns and i drank coke. 😉

  20. Pelayo 6B

    Two years ago I went to Disney Land Paris with my family. I got on all the rides. My favourite ride was La lanzadera. I ate some hamburgers and some chips. They were the best three days of my life.

  21. Mariam 6B

    I had a fantastic day.I went to Disney World and I went with my parents.I rode on the roller coaster.I ate a pizza and I drank a Coke

  22. olaya ribaya fernandez 6c

    I had a good time.
    I went to my granny house.
    I went with my family.
    I spoke and played with my family.
    I ate a soup and drank water.

  23. Lucia Re 6ºC

    A summer day.
    I had a great time last summer. One day I went to the beach with my cousins. I played badminton with them ( I don’t know how to play very well). We wanted to swim in the sea, but the water was cold.
    For lunch I had a sandwich and an apple juice.
    The weather wasn’t bad. It was mild and it didn’t rain.
    It was a fantastic day!!!!

  24. iván rodríguez 6C

    I had a good day 3 years ago.I went to the Warner Bros with my family and friends.I rode on the Rio Bravo.I ate a sandwich and I drank Fanta.Alvaro saw me.The rides are very good.And it was sunny

  25. Pelayo 6C

    I had a good time yesterday. I went to my grandparent´s house.I went with my brother,my mum and my dad.I played all the time.I drank milk and I ate pizza.

  26. Lena 6ºC

    I had a good day ;-P. I went to Cabo Peñas with my family. We saw the waves, they were enourmous. I didn´t eat any thing :-c.
    It was a cold and windy day and cold day and it was raining.

  27. Miguel 6C

    I had a goodtime. I went to Mieres. I went with my family. I went to the astur-galaic market. I drank Nestea and I ate some sweets. It was great!

    • Teacher Piedad

      I like those kind of markets too, especially when the weather is good.

  28. Lucía Rodriguez Lorenzo 6C

    I had a fantastic day.I went to Guadalajara with my parents, two years ago.
    I saw some animals in the Guadalajara’s zoo.I ate pizza and I drank water.
    It was warm,but it was fantastic.

  29. Nacho García 6C

    Last Sartuday
    the first thing I did it was waking up in the morning because at half past eleven I went to play football with the Astur team and then I did the homework . FinallyI went to the park . It was a beautiful day.

  30. Álvaro 6C

    I had a good day last sunday.I went to the Warner with my family.
    T rode on the Bravo river.I ate pasta and I drank Fanta.
    I saw Iván.The rides are very good.

  31. alberto 6c

    I had a good day.
    Iwent to a concert with my family
    I played drums.
    When i finish, went to the bar with my family.

  32. Roger 6c

    I had a fantastic day today.In the morning.I went to visit my granparents.I went with my uncle to Fluvial park in Gijon.Then I went to play football,Then we went to the PS3 games shop.I bought Gran Turismo 6 15th anniversary.

  33. Pablo 6C


    In summer of 2010 I went to hero city, an amusement park.I like best 5-D. I ate hamburgers. I had a good time. It was great!

  34. nacho gb 6C

    I had a good time, i watched tv in the afternoon later i played on my tablet. i was alone and i ate lasaña and i play with my PSP too

  35. ANDRES 6C

    Last sunday i went to Gijon with my friends.I went sailing i ate pasta drank water .It was a Very windy day .I fell in the water.

  36. Deva 6B

    Last summer I went to Rome,(Italy)
    I had a very good time.I visited a beautiful and a very important art gallery,lots of museums and I saw many sculptures.I ate pizza and soda in a restaurant called:”Dar Poeta”.It was delicious!
    The trip was interesting and so beautiful.The weather was very good,(sunny and hot).I really recommend it!

  37. Julián Gutiérrez Antolín 6ºB

    I had a good holiday 3 years ago. I went to Venecia in Italy, I saw many many monuments, I traveled by gondola and vaporetto. I ate pasta and pizza too.
    It was cloudy and cold because I went in autumn.

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