In February, Year 5 pupils have been finding out about energy. Now we know what is energy, which are the different forms of energy, how we can store and transfer energy, which are the energy sources and how to save energy.

We also used our netbooks to create presentations about these topics and we showed them in the classroom to our classmates. We were very excited to speak in public but we dared to do it. Our teacher says that public speaking is an essential tool and skill today. Now we feel more confident. Check it out!

Energy sources, by Alba (5A)

Great job, Alba!

We learnt many things and we enjoyed a lot.

We really like Science!
Have a look at some of our creations!

What is energy?, by Nerea (5B)

Energy sources, by Cristina (5A)

Energy transfer, by Sara (5A)

Saving energy, by Candela (5B)

Saving energy, by Paula (5A)