Last January we learnt about the Solar System. The Solar System is the Sun and the objects that orbit the Sun. These are a planetary system of eight planets and various secondary bodies, dwarf planets and small Solar System objects that orbit the Sun directly, as well as satellites (moons) that orbit many planets and smaller objects.

For this Science topic we listened to music like The Solar System Song, The Planets Song, The Planets Song by Bemular, Zoom, zoom, zoom and others.

We also searched the internet to look for information, but our school connection was not good enough so we only could use the information provided by our teachers. Anyway, here you can see some useful links: Astronomy for kids, NASA, National Geographic, Solar System Scope.

Then we learnt not only about The Solar System, but about ICT skills and we made PPTs about The Solar System. Here you can see three of them.

Finally, we presented them to our audience and we made a self-evaluation, apart from evaluating our class-mates.