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What are you wearing?

What are you wearing? Are you wearing winter clothes? Are you wearing summer clothes? We have learnt a lot about clothes. Would you like to see one of our videos?

We have played games in the classroom and we have also played computer games about clothes.

Click on the following links to learn and play:

British Council


Games to learn English

We have read and written about clothes, but our favourite activity was dressing up. In this video you can see our first lesson about clothes.

And here you can see some photos.


  1. andrés fernández martínez

    hello piedad! how are you?

    • Teacher Piedad

      Hello Andrés! I´m fine, thank you. What about you? Do you like this video about clothes? Do you remember that vocabulary? What are you wearing? Are you wearing a jumper or a woolly hat? Are you wearing gloves and a scarf?

  2. Raúl

    You are looking good!

  3. Teacher Piedad

    Thank you, Raúl

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