We celebrate Safer Internet Day on 11 February 2014. Did you know? It’s always the second day of the second week of the second month of the year! This day we talk and discuss about how to use the Internet safely.


We love the Internet. We can find lots of interesting things on the Internet. We can create videos, avatars, blogs, apps, websites, music. We can share all our creations, have fun and learn.

We want the Internet to be a nice place where:

  • everyone is nice to one another
  • we can learn
  • we can make friends
  • everyone feels safe

What can we do to create a better Internet?

  • Get creative, you are the future game, app and website creators!
  • Show respect online!
  • Make sure we keep our personal information safe
  • Tell someone if something upsets or worries you online

What will you do today to create a better Internet?

Remember: you must be cautious when using the Internet. Watch these videos!