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Science Week 2013: Levers

We love Science! We have been celebrating a very special Science week in our bilingual Science lessons. We have been creating simple experiments following the scientific method. Year 6 has been investigating about levers.

Question: The aim of the investigation is to find out how levers work.

Materials: 2 pencils, a ruler, some heavy books, a ball pen and this worksheet.

Hypothesis: What do we think? We formulate our hypothesis. We still don’t know that there are many examples of levers around us and we use them almost every day.

Method: Try to pick up the book using your fingers. Get a ruler, a pencil and a book. Use the pencil as a fulcrum. Place the book on one end of the ruler. Push down on the opposite end while varying the distance of the fulcrum. If you don’t have a ruler or the ruler is fragile try with a pencil instead.

Record: We record the results of the experiment using a table.
We vary the distance of the fulcrum. Does our effort increase or decrease as the fulcrum moves closer to us?


  • It is very difficult to lift a heavy book without a lever.
  • When we use a lever to lift a book the effort decreases.
  • The effort decreases if the fulcrum is close to the book.
  • The effort increases if the fulcrum is far from the book.
  • A lever decreases the amount of effort needed to lift the book.
  • A lever helps us to push, pull or lift things.
  • A lever is a simple machine very useful.

What is a Lever? Simple Machines


  1. Lucia Rodriguez Lorenzo 6ºC

    It was very fun making this video. 🙂

    • Hi Lucía. I agree with you. We had fun. You are great actors and actresses. I’m looking forward to making another video with you!

  2. Teacher Piedad

    Hey scientist, you rock!
    Perfectly explained, good pronunciation and really fun. I like it…mmm, I wonder if we could add the “like button” to this blog.

  3. Nacho Garcia Garcia

    we can make a video of any other thing ?becauseis very funny

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