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Halloween Mouse Story

There once was a little mouse scurrying about in the forest one Halloween day when he found a huge, enormous piece of cheese!

1He decided this gigantic piece of cheese would be perfect for a clubhouse.
So, he nibbled a door just his size. He nibbled and chewed, and nibbled and chewed. ”Funny tasting cheese” thought Mouse.

2When Mouse finished with his door, he stepped back and saw how perfect it was.

3But then, he realized a problem!  His friend, Rabbit, has very tall ears, and would never fit through that mouse-sized door to his clubhouse. 

So, he made a taller door for Rabbit. He nibbled and chewed, and nibbled and chewed.“Funny tasting cheese,” thought Mouse.

Now there was a perfect door forMouse’s friend, Rabbit.  Mouse climbed inside the clubhouse.


4But then he noticed another problem. It was dark in the clubhouse and he decided he needed a window.So…

…He nibble and chewed a hole in the clubhouse just right for a window. “Funny tasting cheese,” thought Mouse again. 

Finally, the clubhouse was ready.  But when Mouse stepped way back to look at his wonderful cheese clubhouse, he realized it wasn’t a giant piece of cheese at all!It was…


A Halloween Pumpkin!

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  1. It’s fantastic to see them focused on such artistic jobs!
    Please go on with this as long as you can; you are making many parents happy and proud.
    Thanks for your job. 🙂

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