We have been learning about our five senses. We learnt that we can smell, we can hear, we can taste, we can see and we can feel or touch. First we played games, watched videos, read a book and sang a song.

Then we played “My five senses gymkhana”. We were organised in different groups. There were different stations and we had to try and investigate on every one of them. Them we registered our thoughts and results in a worksheet for the group. Our favourite station was “taste station”. All of us wanted to try! And the most challenging was the “hearing station” because it was hard to identify some sounds, like the car starting or the rain.

Would you like to try? What can you hear? Is it a pig? Is it the rain? Is it the wind? Is it a car starting? Is it a horse? Try number 9, 5 and 3 and leave your comment 😉

Sound 3

Sound 5

Sound 9