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How to draw a crocodile

Beatriz nos ha contado el cuento The selfish crocodile, el cocodrilo egoista, y hemos aprovechado para aprender a dibujarlo con este vídeo…

¿Qué tal este otro vídeo?

And what about Halloween drawing?

If you want you can cut your ghost and bring it to our school. Puedes llevar tus dibujos a clase y lo usamos para decorar nuestras puertas (spooky doors).


  1. 3B group

    Hello teacher!
    This is 3B group. We MISS you a looooot. We want to have an English lesson with you. We are very nervous because we are doing English tests this year…and we looove you!
    Can you visit us, please?
    Can you read a story for us?

  2. I miss you too, you are soooooooooo grown up already! what about if I’m your storyteller on Monday 25th. What story would you like me to tell you?

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