There once was a very hungry little hen, and she ate and ate, and grew and grew, and the more she ate, the more she grew.

Up on the hill lives a cunning fox. He watches the hen every day and thinks, “If I wait just one more day, the hen will be even bigger.”

Then one day he can’t wait any longer…

Richard Waring’s Hungry Hen features two common adversaries: a fox and a hen.  Fox is hungrily watching Hen grow larger and larger every day.  Fox is *really* hungry, but he tells himself that if he waits one more day, Hen will get even bigger.  Hen indeed grows bigger and bigger, but Fox grows thinner and thinner.  Finally, Fox cannot stand it anymore.  He races down the hill and smashes into Hen’s house.  Unfortunately for him, Hen has not yet satiated her appetite, and gobbles him down.