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Elementary School Life in the USA

On Thursday Year 6 pupils had a very special lesson. Peter, a teacher at Posada de Llanera Secondary School, came to our school to talk about primary schools in the USA. He is American, from the beautiful and sunny California, so he really knows about that topic.

Now we know that Primary Schools in the USA are called Elementary Schools, that they are very nice and they have no fences. And they start very early in the morning: at eight o’clock a.m.! And most of the children go to public schools because they think they are the best. Interesting!

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He also taught us two traditional games to play in the classroom: ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and ‘Head’s Up, 7 Up’.

Thank you, Peter! We learned a lot and we had a great time with you. It would be great you could come back next year.

This is the presentation Peter used. Enjoy it!

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  1. Piedad

    Thank you, Peter!
    I like ‘Head’s Up, 7 Up’

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