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Alejandro’s guitar

Hello everybody. My name is Alejandro. This is my guitar Art Attack, but still not finished. When I finish I send another photo.


  1. So good idea, Alejandro. It’s a pretty guitar. Well done!… and thanks for sharing it with us.
    I love it!!!
    When you finish your guitar we can add it to your post.
    Big hug from your teacher

  2. teacherpiedad

    Nice guitar, Alejandro. Do you know how to play the guitar? Do you like music? Do you like Arts and crafts? What´s your favourite subject?

  3. Alejandro

    Yes I like music but don’t know play guitar but I would like to learn.

  4. Year 2B

    Hello, Alejandro. We like it a lot. It’s a good idea. Can you bring it to our Music classes?. Thank you very much for sharing.

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