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The thingamabob

An elephant finds a red umbrella but he doesn’t know what is that red thingamabob for…neither his friends!

Is it for sailing? Is it for flying? Oops, raindrops falling from the sky!


  1. teacherpiedad

    You rock! What about reading for our year 3 students?

  2. teacherpiedad

    Mmmmm…What is a thingamabob? Would you tell me about it?

  3. Plamena

    Is it an animal? Is it a bird? Is it a little curious child that wants to know everything?

    Whatever it is – I love it:) Greetings little and grown up sweeties! I miss you all !

  4. Year 2C

    A thingamabob is a red umbrella

  5. Year 2C

    Hello Plamena. Pedro says How are you today?
    Mara says: when do you come back?
    Thank you, says Hugo
    Guillermo wants to know if you would like to come back?
    Mario Suarez wants you to come and tell us another story! story time, story time, let’s listen to the story!!!
    Lila would like to have a recent photo of your country, your current life, what are you doing now!
    We love you and miss you!

  6. Year 2B

    Hello, Plamena. We miss you a lot. We wish you to come again. Everything is very boring without you!!
    Kisses and love from year 2B

  7. Year 2A

    Hello, Plamena, I’m Alejandra. I hope to see you again.
    We haven’t forgotten you! Ángel
    I love you a lot, I want to see you again, Laura, Óscar, Ángela, Paula and all 2A
    I hope you visit us. Iris
    When you were here, we were in Infantil 5
    kisses and hugs

  8. oscar

    is verri verri viutiful

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