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When it’s time for bed… Film Strips

In year 4 we have learnt about our daily routines before going to sleep. When it´s time for bed, do you clean your teeth? Do you wash your face? Do you have a shower? Do you read a book? Do you put your pyjamas on? Do you go to sleep?

Click on the following links to watch some videos.

Lara 4B

Águeda and Carla 4B

Emilio and Javier Sánchez 4B

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  1. How awesome! I can see you are learning a lot.
    Let me tell you my daily routine before going to sleep: I always clean my teeth, I always put my pyjamas on, I always read a book. Sometimes I have a shower others in the morning. But I never watch TV and I never play computer games. What about you?

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