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The Water Cycle

The water cycle is made up of four main parts: Evaporation and Transpiration, Condensation, Precipitation, and Accumulation/Collection.

In Year 4 we have learnt about The Water Cycle in English. Yes, we know that it is also a Science topic, but learning a language is like that. We learnt about the water cycle in English and we complemented it with a little Art Project.

We also listened to The Water Cycle songs and we watched videos too.

Here you can read and learn about it:


  1. marta and malena

    Hello, my name is Malena and Marta, nos gusto mucho este trabajo,

    besillos Malena and Marta

  2. Lucas 4A

    Hello my name is Lucas, me gustó mogollón eso.Condesation, precipitacion,tranpiration and evaporation.Mola mogollón. Cool

  3. malena B S de 4a

    hello my name is malena the 4a m gusto muchisimo este trabajo is fantastic

    • teacherpiedad

      Thank you Malena.
      It looks like you really love this activity. Is it your favourite one this year?

  4. malenita la buenita 4a

    hello me encanto esta actividad

    chaito de Malenita

  5. alba y sofia

    Como mola la esposicion del ciclo del agua. Lo hicieron muy bien. De parte de Sofia y de Alba las 2 de 4a

    • teacherpiedad

      Thank you, Alba and Sofia. Maybe we can do more activities like this one 😉

  6. Nerea and Elisa 4B


  7. Nerea and Elisa 4B

    nos encanto este trabajo

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