In our Arts and Crafts lessons we like to work on different topics and with different techniques. And yes! We do love Christmas! We listened to Christmas Carols and songs and we read Christmas books. We enjoyed The gingerbread man. Some of us knew it in Spanish and for some others it was completely new.

We love working with plasticine and it is good to develop our concentration and to work on our fine motor skills.

We also like colouring and we have found out that we are crazy over tracing. Tracing is one of the tools you might use to learn  to draw. One benefit of tracing is that it helps you to ‘see’ or understand more about the topic you are depicting.

Once you train your brain to draw what you see and not what you think you know, you will be able to illustrate anything. The good thing is that anyone can trace, but use it only as a learning tool to improve your freehand drawing.