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Food from around the world: Morocco

This term we, Year 6 pupils, have been finding out about food from around the world, including how to make a traditional British dessert.

We have been learning new food vocabulary and revising the affirmative and negative forms of have got, reading and acting out a dialogue, playing a game to practise the grammar focus on some and any and writing about what food we have or haven’t got in our fridge.

Now we know that every country has a different name in English and traditional food we should taste to appreciate cultural diversity and enrich our general knowledge. Knowing each other avoid cultural shock.

Our classmate and friend Nadia is from Morocco. She was so kind as to make a nice presentation about Moroccan traditional food.

Thank you Nadia!


  1. Thank you, Nadia. I like knowing more about your traditional cuisine, about your culture.

  2. teacherpiedad

    I love couscous and tea. Nice presentation! Thank you Nadia.



  4. 3C

    Most of 3C students have not tried this type of food. But Diego, Angela and Marta, from 3C have tried couscous and they like it!
    Daniel likes tea.
    Thank you Nadia.
    3C pupils

  5. Martín and Adrián 3C

    We love couscous.
    Martín and Adrián 3C

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