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Storytelling: Jim and the Beanstalk

One day Jim wakes up to find a huge beanstalk outside his garden. He climbs up and meets an ugly giant, one that is bald, has no teeth and has a poor eye sight.

Jim, unlike Jack in ‘Jack and the Beanstalk‘, decides to be a helper. He brings back a red wig, false teeth and gigantic, round glasses. The giant is all happy and feels new again. At the very end the giant says ‘fried boy’, Jim takes the wrong idea and runs for his life and chops the beanstalk with an axe! Later, he hears a boom and a thank you letter and a gold coin appear for his hard work!

We really liked this story. We enjoyed it a lot. We acted out, we laughed and we learned some new vocabulary and expressions in English. Enjoy and learn: what a fantastic session!

Thank you, Mary. You’re a great storyteller. Hope to see you again soon!

Do you want to read this book? It is Jim and the Beanstalk, by Raymond Briggs. Did you like the story? Tell us about it!

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  1. Piedad

    Look at those faces! I´m sure you had a great time. Lucky you!

  2. I had a great time working as a storyteller this morning at Lugo the Llanera’s primary school. The kids there were wonderful not only in terms of their use of English, which was above average, but their interest and enthusiasm as well. Thanks for making my day!!!!

  3. Lo he pasado genial contando cuentos en el colegio de Lugo de Llanera esta mañana. Menudo nivel que hay en ese centro, no sólo en términos linguísticos, los cuales me han parecido que superan la media, si no también en términos de interés y participación. “Algo” deben de estar haciendo bien en ese colegio….. Muchas gracias por hacer que mi trabajo resulte tan fácil y tan gratificante.

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