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Witaj, Hoç geldiniz, Welcome

Hello, merhaba, hola, cześć

For the last month we have been learning about our Comenius partners in our Arts and Crafts and English classes.

We learnt about the symbols and the culture, we watched presentations, sang songs, decorated our doors and classes, we embellished the halls for the expositions and worked with the Geography, learning where our countries are in the map: Where is Europe and where are our countries in Europe. We also learnt what languages they speak in Ayranci, Liverpool and Warsaw.

We have been learning the grammar and vocabulary, with a proper pronunciation and intonation to communicate with them: how to greet, to know more about them and to let them to know more about us (likes and dislikes, our free time…).

We liked making poppies, colouring the bison, the eagle, the flag, the pierogi and the traditional costumes from Poland, we remembered as well our first Comenius language assistant Kasia who left us so many presents: the flag, magazines, books, dolls, photos and a link to the country and a lot of love.

We liked colouring the rose of England, the oak leaves, the mail box, the flag, but what we liked most it was singing and drawing the Beatles’ Yellow submarine, it’s become the hit.

We liked making Turkish eyes, the flag, learning about Atatürk but what we liked most it was the Derviches dance, another hit.

We liked colouring the Spanish flag, the chestnuts, the triskel (celtic symbol) making the Asturian horses (Asturcones), making our books with the holy, the Asturian horse, the capercaillie,… We learnt more about ourselves.

And as you could see in a previous entry in this blog, we have a group of Comenius buddies and Comenius assistants who will help all their new friends to feel at home.

But, not only our students were involved, families took an active role in this preparations. In our Bilingual Workshop for families, using the English language to communicate, they improved the hall on the first floor using recycling materials. You can see the before and after.

And finally we visited the exhibition learning about the countries, the capitals, the cities, the names of the schools, the currency to buy our favourite sweets, how to say thank you in the four languages, and how to welcome them. Witaj, hos geldiniz, Welcome, Bienvenidos/as, Afayaivos

The children are very excited and looking forward to meeting their new friends. Some of them think, they will be friends for ever!!!


  1. Finding out about other cultures, sharing experiences, meeting people: what a Comenius Project is all about.

  2. Year 2 C

    We are very excited and we liked singing the song “La Rapiega” for our Turkish, Polish and English friends. We sang wonderfully well.

  3. nos gusto mucho ese trabajo estaba muy gracioso nos lo pasamos muy bien

  4. yanira y alba 4ºA

    Hello, My name it is Alba 4ºa y Yanira 4ºa we like activity it is Pony.

    • malena blanco sierra

      hollo,yanira and alba me gusto vuestro comentario

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