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Multilateral partnership

Comenius Buddy credentials

Today our English teacher gave us our Comenius Buddy credentials. On Tuesday we knew who our Comenius Friends will be. Now we know their names, their age and their country. We are not very sure how to pronounce their names, so the first thing we’ll tell them will be: “What’s your name?”

We are very proud of our new credentials. We’ll keep them in a safe place till next Monday. And after next week we’ll keep them as a fantastic souvenir to remind us the Comenius visit. Did we say that we are very excited? We are.

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  1. Teacher Piedad

    Yes, you were very excited this week.
    Cool credentials!
    I see you are ready…3, 2, 1..

  2. I know you are going to be excellent Comenius Buddies. Thank you teacher Luis for choosing so good boys and girls for doing this job…

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