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A message from Ann-Kristin

I was very lucky to have been sent to the school in Lugo!

It was a great chance, to get to know Asturias with its culture and come in touch with teaching. The whole school was very warm welcoming and we had a great time together. Not just in the regular lessons, also at the excursions and several festivals. Specially at the festival of the last day before holidays, I recognized how much I enjoyed my time in Lugo and how hard it is to say goodbye. But I will come back to visit you! A big hug.

Teacher Ann-Kristin

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  1. Year 2 B

    Hello, Ann kristin. We are year 2B (last year we were 1B with teacher Beatriz). We miss you a lot. We want you to come back. Please, come back.
    Bye bye

  2. paula y lucia

    Hello Ann
    How are you?
    By Paula y Lucia.

  3. Chritian

    hello ann kristin we are year 4A main neim is CHRISTIAN BAI BAI

  4. hello Ann Christin, what´s your favorite colour?
    By Carla 4B

  5. Hello,Ann Kristin we are year 4B Our names are Marina and Lucia and its halloween by marina and lucia

  6. carla

    Sorry, repeat.
    Hello Ann Kristin,and Piedad,and Luis and more teachears is very dificould 4B bye bye
    Carla 4B

    • carla

      Hello ann kristin and Piedad and Luis and more teachers is very difficult 4B

  7. carla

    HELLO Ann Kristin and Piedad and Luis and more teachers is very difficult 4B and brilliant.

  8. david5c

    hola ann te echamos de menos espero que nos vuelvas a visitar

  9. Ann

    Hola pupils de Lugo 🙂 I miss you as well! I`m working now in two different schools, teaching german and p.e.. The city where I´m living is called Lübeck. It´s in the north of Germany, where it´s really cold. I need to wear gloves, a hat, a scarf … when I go to school by bike! My pupils love to ask questions about you and the school in Lugo! I will come back to Oviedo for the winter holidays…hopefully I meet some of you! Lots of kisses, Ann.

    • oscar y fer

      te queremos mucho

    • Elsa and Paula 3B

      Hola Ann-Kristin,
      queremos que vuelvas al colegio de Lugo de Llanera .
      Un abrazo
      Los alumnos de 3ªB

    • oscar

      te queremos mucho 🙂

    • Patricia Tena 3B

      hola ,Ann Kristin
      cuando vas ha volver.te lo manda patricia Tena
      un beso.

    • ESTHER 3ºB


  10. Lucas

    hello Ann-Kristin,what´s your favorite food?,what´s your favorite colour?

  11. malena blanco sierra

    hello,Ann-kristin te echamos muchisimos de menos sobretodo yo te quiero, malena 4a.

  12. malena blanco sierra

    hello,my name is Malena the 4A ,ojala vengas al colegiootravez iba contigo al taller besos Malena

  13. hello,my name is agueda. what the weader like in germany?
    bye agueda 4B

  14. Hello Ann Christin, my name is Carla. in school the temperature is very cold.
    by Carla 4B

  15. andres

    How are you?

  16. Hello,my name is Agueda.The christmas time is very near and is very cold, and my is very happy.
    Agueda 4B

  17. andres

    whats you favourite season

  18. Hello Ann Christin in Spain is very cold ¿in Germany?
    By Carla 4B

  19. andres

    Its very cold in germany?

  20. malena blanco sierra

    hello,my name is Malena te echamos de menos besos malena the 4a

  21. Oscar

    Un beso muy fuerte OSCAR

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